The Set Piece of Advice That Changed The Course of My Life.

I read this piece of advice from flowerybooks  to comfort, save and protect myself from all the bombardments. It helped me transform my thoughts and emotions; made me aware of what sort of person I should be in my life. I consider these ten advice as set of rules that I must comply with to be happy and content with who I am and what i have in my life. It taught me to take pride in myself and embrace my vulnerability. It reminded me to be more conscious of myself than the world and be my own companion when situation demands. It is important that i remain patient with myself and the others and accept what life and time has to offer; not to disregard things which happens for reasons. I decided to invest more time on building my life rather than being around with toxic people and i could finally be brave enough to stand for myself. I must keep on learning and follow my intuitions with courage and hope. I shall write till the end of my time and leave my writings to live forever along the people on earth.


Ten Things I wish I could Say To My Younger Self.

1.Dont rush things. If there is something you will miss it, it will be the time you have now.

2. Stop wasting time blaming yourself and blaming others things happen for a reason, even if the reason will make sense ten years down the road.

3. Dont stay around toxic people just because you are afraid of being alone. Being your own best friend has its perks, and there’s no one else you will spend more time with than yourself.

4. Be yourself, unapologetically. It may be embarrassing now, but you will learn that there’s nothing more interesting than someone true to themselves.

5. Don’t be afraid of voicing your thoughts, don’t be afraid of calling out people who hurt you.

6. Write. It will help you clear your mind and also distract yourself when you are anxious. Writing will be your best friend.

7. Learn all you can, and enjoy all it want. Knowledge is the only thing that’s truly yours.

8. Be the friend you need, the friend you want.

9. Read all you can. You will find the words you can’t say in the lips of others, you will find shelter.

10. Love yourself. That’s the only love you will have, constantly, and the only love that will stick with you even if you fail.




How I rescued myself.

“The vision fades, the soul sickens, and the routine of survival starts again.” – Evelyn Waugh

So many complications! Life is an intricate web of things that cannot be oversimplified. I failed at life regardless of all the efforts. I had no options left; time and again I found myself in confusion. All I felt was negative energy coming out of myself; every time I attempted to rescue myself, I fell back into the same dark place. I could do nothing than to give in everything. I knew my whole world was falling apart. I knew that I must hold the ground for myself but since I had been agonized for too long that I started to turn more feeble than ever. it was a pathetic mental breakdown, I pitied my own state helplessness. Nothing but despair enshrouded my terror-stricken heart. The terror that I am talking about was the tragic demise of my mother when I was in year ten. I witnessed my fate crying when my mom left me behind in this cruel world which added further injury to my bleeding soul. I was in a misery. I could only cry on and on in her absence; it was a real nightmare to be in life without her. She was my everything, and the pain of her departure was unendurable. I cried when every night to be in devoid of her love and support. Because I lost everything; love, hope, and enthusiasm in life I wanted to quit battling at once. Life seemed an endless road directed into darkness for me; nothing good was possible. Every new step I took was another blunder making me another big part of failure and mortification.

I needed a respite and spend some time in exile from my life. Then I took two years leave from my work-life. I was well aware that I could not afford to live my life that way any longer. I knew I needed to get my life back together. I needed to face my demons and slay every monster that held me back. I started by eradicating my old bad habits of putting myself down. I had a lot of shortcomings in my life and after putting each of it down on a piece of paper, I firmly made a resolution to bring all the negativity inside of me to an end. I made up my mind to give myself another chance at life; I went for a vacation in the far-flung village of my grandfather. I spent the whole summer of 2003 rebuilding myself; picking up every fragment of myself and putting it back where it belonged with utmost care and precision. My grandfather had a friend who was expert in meditation and personal wellbeing who immensely helped me with some profound tips to overcome the difficulties of my life. He was very generous and could provide me some of the best remedies for all the ailments that had been inflicted on me. My life began to heal as I engaged myself in learning to meditate and get more focused on the present. Gradually, some seeds of hope were planted in my soul by this great Guru and his teachings about life as an art. I started to be immersed more and more in my present self rather than pondering about my painful past and despairing future. I received multitudes of noble teachings from him and his preachings could help me transform my life by inculcating an attitude of loving one’s life regardless of how hard it might be. I learned how important it is to give myself a profound love that no other person could give. I had to love myself first to be positively in love with the universe. I had to be in good terms with myself first to be in good terms with the universe. He opened my eyes and widened my horizons. He instilled some great habits in me, to practice optimism. I trained my mind to be calm and positive under any given circumstances. In six months I was fully recovered from my mental breakdown. I was a brand new person by the end of that summer. I could forgive myself and the world for everything that went wrong before and move on with my life. I did realize that things happened, life went on but I remained stuck at the same and after all those time in the wastelands, I found another myself. I was born to be alive and finally, I could rescue myself.

#Post 322

What is your dream? You know it is deep within yourself. As far as I am concerned all of us have dreams. Dreams keep us alive every day. Some of us say it loud and some keep it to ourselves, it depends on the individual. Do you feel like giving up on your dreams? You must  Victory is near!  When pursuing your dreams, there will be times when you feel like giving up. That is when you tell yourself it is days like these that separate champions from ordinary people. I am a dreamer too and I am in active pursuit of my dreams. I want to become an internationally acclaimed writer and a speaker. I am writing this in hope to motivate myself giving reasons why I must not quit on my dreams. I believe that everything we think, say or do has a lot do with our inner aspiration. Our daily thoughts and actions indicate where we want to go in our life. We can actually tell what a person wants out of his or her life from his work. Every day we are given twenty-four hours to work on our dreams. As I have been very obsessed with the idea of becoming a writer, I am trying to put myself on work- writing. I am ambitious to reach as many as people through my writing and help them transform their lives. I have had always dreamed of becoming an author to allow myself to explore the universe in its depth. While writing, I could open up myself articulating most of the thoughts and emotions in a coherent manner. While I write, I find myself at ease. So, I yearn to write every day in my life no matter where my life may take me. I find myself being honest with myself and the world which remarkably is very healing. I take refuge in the letters of my writing; it shelters me from all chaos. Writing is not merely a passion for me but it gives me a reason to live my life every day despite all the trials and tribulations. It is my dream to be consistent and become a bestselling author one day. I am willing to pay any price that my dream of becoming a writer might cost me. I am prepared with courage and inspiration to travel any length of time and space to pursue my goal. I am driven enough to be on pins and needles while pursuing my dream of becoming a writer. I have a deep desire to help people transform themselves through my writings, to be a voice for millions and to tell extraordinary stories of all ordinary people who I shall encounter in my life. Therefore, it is my purpose of my life. Writing is my obligation which gives a meaning to my life and existence. Being a human I was confused and I wasted a lot of my time in search of my life purpose. I stumbled at times and I had to help myself stand on my foot. Many times, I got lost in life and I found myself again when I commenced writing down everything I felt and I didn’t. After a long time in the wasteland, I found another myself. I was born to write.

My Life Goals

I was a  great dreamer since my childhood.  And now while I look back at my life, seemingly I fulfilled some of my childhood goals but honestly I always lacked a sense of true happiness for all this time. Despite all those personal achievements, i always felt a constant void somewhere in my soul; deep inside i was not happy completely content with my life. I felt some strong cravings, perhaps a lust for more in life. I always pondered about such hollowness in my life because as far as i was concerned i had almost everything that i needed in my life. I had goals too but the joy after accomplishing every task was fleeting. i could savor it only in brevity. Every time i felt discontent about something in life; i believed that may be everything would be okay when i reach the next level of my life. I spent my entire school life with this notion. In the beginning of every academic year, my resolution would be to bring out  good result and that said. Of course, i accomplished that almost every consecutive year but unfortunately i never felt a true sense of accomplishment in my life. After a long time in contemplation I began asking myself a question: what is it that i am lacking in my life? I could not get an immediate clarity; i would think, may be it’s not just the right time and i ought to be patient at life. I felt it was coming and it would be there in my life soon. It never happened! I spent away more than twenty years of my life doing some random stuffs; I don’t remember most of it and that is so disheartening. I wasted a very large chunk of my time on things that really didn’t matter to me.  So, i started asking myself the same question again: what is that i really want in my life? but this time i did not rely only on myself, i did a thorough research and enquired other people from all walks of life. Although their answers did vary in some manners, i could finally figure out some of the shortcomings in my life. In fact, i had  failed to recognize my ubiquitous weaknesses miserably. Most shockingly, I had only short-term goals in my life. For instance, I had only a year-long goals. I seriously lacked my life goals; purpose. However, i will talk about the purpose of my life in my next article. After a long time in wasteland i have come to realize that long-term goals are crucial to life. Since Our time on this earth is limited, we ought to dedicate our time to those things that have significant value in our life. To achieve this we need to set life-long gaols to be inspired, enthusiastic and driven in life. Nevertheless, it does not mean short-term goals are negligible. They are as crucial as long-term goals in life. In fact, it is the amalgamation of both short and long term goals that creates a life full of enthusiasm, energy and contentment. As I embarked on my early twenties, i have set my  life goals based on my own interests and life purpose, bold ones are accomplished:

  1. To become a published writer
  2. To become a professional public speaker (Motivational speaker)
  3. To become a life coach….
  4. To become a better person for my family and friends………
  5. Study in one of the English Speaking country 
  6. Skydiving
  7. Top Bhutan Higher Secondary Education Certificate Examinations
  8. Bicycling a country(Bhutan and Australia)
  9. Meet J.K Rowling, Paulo Coelho, Isco Alarcon, Niall Horan, and other awesome people.
  10. Achieve Royal Government of Bhutan Professional Scholarship 
  11. Learn to cook three favourite meals
  12. Explore Australia………
  13. Establish a non-profit organization.
  14. Win Nobel Prize in Literature.
  15. Get Bachelor’s Degree in English and Writing…………
  16. Set foot in all seven continents
  17. Appear in BBC, CNN, NEW YORK TVs for interviews
  18. Quit smoking Marijuana
  19. Become a New York bestselling author
  20. Visit Sydney Opera House
  21. Travel India by train
  22. Quit Chewing Tobacco
  23. Top Royal Civil Service Examinations
  24. Get Master’s degree in English Literature and Writing
  25. Get PhD in English Literature and Writing
  26. Attend Guns and Roses’ concert (Australia)
  27. Record at least five songs
  28. Quit Smoking
  29. Appear in Tedtalk
  30. Quit Drinking 
  31. Scuba Great Barrier Reef
  32. Visit Great Wall of China
  33. Visit Paris, USA, Japan, Italy, Scandinavia, Nepal
  34. Publish Yungkhaba Family history book
  35. Publish a  Yungkhaba langauge dictionary
  36. Publish my parents’ history book
  37. Snap a lot of photos
  38. Shoot videos
  39. To become a regular youtuber…….
  40. Smile and be grateful every single day………

Your thoughts are powerful, make them work for you!

In our modern world, we are hyper-focused on action. Thinking things over and taking time to develop ideas, on the other hand, are habits that we don’t often practice. But we should.

Thoughts are powerful, as they lead us to where we want to go in life. You only need to start with knowing what you want and simply be open to how you can get there.

Perhaps you want to become a writer, but the road to becoming a published author is unclear. To uncover the ‘how’ of this process, you might loo up to literary models and examine how they achieved their dreams to find inspiration for your own path.

You have to learn to tackle procrastination, excuses and hesitation, and nothing will stop you from taking action. Thought is a powerful tool when it comes to achieving your goals, but it must be combined with real action. To act positively, you need to first overcome the drag of procastination and hesitation.

When we procrastinate, we let the fear of failure stop us from following through on decisions. If you think that you are not qualified to perform a certain task, you will look for any reason not to try it. Thoughts like “my writings isn’t good enough” or “it will never pay the way” will only hold you back. To overcome these excuses, you need to convince yourself of your purpose. And once you are convinced of your life purpose, you will feel like to wake up every morning and work towards accomplishing your purpose.

Along the journey, you might encounter myriads of heartbreaking failures and rejections. While rejection is a part of anyone’s journey, quitting is something you should never do. Instead, learn from your mistakes and keep pushing until you create the life you have always wanted.

To overcome the temptation to give up, you need to remain responsible in all aspects of your life. If your habits, surroundings or circle of friends make it harder for you to achieve your goals, it is time to make some thoughtful changes.

In fact, creating a new environment and lifestyle centered around your life purpose is one of the best way to stay on track.

If you are an aspiring writer, surround yourself with people who have similar passions. Start and end your day in ways that help reconnect with your goals. Explore new groups, places and communities that can provide you with more support as you push forward.

Ultimately, your new life will emerge through clear intentions, powerful desires and action. Don’t care about what others think, and crucially give yourself permission to live your dreams!

To be the badass you have always wanted to be, learn to pinpoint the things in your life that are holding you back and make changes to how you live and think to address the blocks. Importantly, don’t let anyone distract you from doing what you love! Soon enough, you will find yourself living a life which you have always dreamed.

Stay Focused!


Your time on this earth is limited- so make the best of it! Every day offers a chance to enjoy and celebrate life’s journey, though it is all too easy to forget this in the rush and bustle of modern life.

There are three things you can do to value each day a little more.

First, change your attitude to challenging tasks. Rather than approaching a problem like an expert, consider yourself an avid learner. People with passion to learn don’t feel pressure to prove their abilities, which means they don’t grapple with the fear of failure, either. Don’t be afraid to fail. Every failure is a pillar of success. If you see yourself as a champion, every fall can feel like failure and a blow to your self-esteem. But if you are instead a lifelong learner, you will approach new challenges with a playful attitude, with more courage to take risks that in turn help you learn more.

Second, make an effort to express and experience gratitude daily. Gratitude is not about showing appreciation for the sake of being polite. it is a positive state of being. By being grateful, you keep all the good things in life in the foreground of your thoughts. And by practicing and sharing gratitude, you can help others stay positive, too.

Third, forgive yourself and others. It creates room for better things in your life. Do not let your mistakes from past to ruin your present moment. Every time you commit a mistake, learn a lesson from it and let it go. But do not repeat it! Life is all about learning and letting go of all that does not matter to you and to your life. Cultivate a habit of forgiving people; everyone makes mistake but do not let yourself be fooled twice by the same person. If someone hurts you, you do not have to necessarily hurt him or her back; realize it is their weakness, forgive them and just move on with your life. Do not waste your time thinking about the things and people you do not like.

Forgive and forget; you will be happier, richer and better as a person.

Focus. Do not settle. Don not waste time. Do not be distracted. You have goals to accomplish.

Discover the person you want to be and don’t let anyone tell you to quit.

When we were young, we have an intuitive understanding of who we are and how we do things. But as we grow older, we stop listening to this inner knowledge and do what others tell us to do.

If you want to make your ambitions reality, you need to embrace your inner badass. Once you stop caring about what other people think, you can find your own path!

Perhaps you dream of becoming a writer. To do this, you will have to write a lot! This, in turn, likely requires you to carve out free time while you hold down a job that helps you pay rent. There will be some people in your life who always discourages you. However, appreciate that you are doing your own thing, and you will find the strength to ignore the disapproval of others.

Granted, it is not always easy to discover your ‘thing.’ Many of us get hemmed in by the demands or pressures of friends and family. But if you decide become a doctor or a store manager just because it is family tradition, you will wind up hating your job and your choices.

So, listen to your intuition and take a step back to observe how you live, what you do and what really interests you. Reflecting in this way will help you discern what you truly want from life.

If you are yearning to become a writer, for example, then accept it and go for it.

Your dream belongs to you, you don’t need anyone’s permission to pursue it.

Negative beliefs about ourselves.

Your negative beliefs are the biggest obstacles between you and your dreams.

If you feel that you are an undiscovered genius lost in the daily grind of a dead-end job, you need to ask yourself-whats holding you back? Most likely its you, or more specifically, your negative beliefs.

What we believe is largely based on the message with which we have been bombarded we were very young. Your parents, for instance, might have told you that nobody in the family has ever been any good at making money. the more you hear this message, the more likely your brain and subconscious will believe its true.

The result? You will shy away from pursuits that could lead to financial success, from learning about investment strategies to pursuing MBA – all because you have convinced yourself that trying to make money pointless. Such negative beliefs are known as the Big Snooze. It is this part of your personality that keeps you from chasing your dreams.

Fortunately, you are more than capable of freeing yourself from the crippling power of the Big Snooze. How? By adopting positive beliefs that allow you to have faith in yourself.

Start by reflecting on who you are as if you were another person entirely. Admire your strengths, and think honestly about all the good things you could say about yourself.

Use these reflections as the basis for some positive beliefs. When you believe that you are talented, that your ideas ar worthwhile and that you have something to offer the world, the negative attitudes that you have carried with you for so long will cease to hold you back.

It is at this point that your journey begins.

Author’s note: It is an article from Blinkist app.

Transform Yourself.

People are bound to grow, change and become different versions of themselves at any point in their life. Not surprisingly, we are bound to learn, change and grow to a great extent everyday in life. For which it is a universally acknowledged idea; we ought not to remain same forever instead we should be constantly under some transformations. Human beings are incredibly adaptable to any sort of situations, places and other humans. This is remarkably  interesting aspect of human life as it allows us to be at peace with our past, present or future. This also explains why humans are social, empathetic and generous in most ways throughout their livelihood. Being the most intelligent social being we are capable of understanding one another and the world as a whole better than any other animals on the earth. We have emotions;  which is another beautiful thing about us and most significantly we have a total control over it. We can be happy, sad, angry, gentle, motivated or even uninspired and yet we have that capacity to react upon these emotions accordingly. Some times we find our minds completely enshrouded by thoughts and we feel exceedingly driven by our emotions. We let our thoughts control us  and this can be very destructive; we make ninety percent of bad decisions when we are under the influence of our emotions. However, emotions aren’t that bad it just should not push you towards making bad decisions. Often, I hate emotions although its inevitable. At any given situation in life, we should not succumb to emotions. It should not dictate our daily decisions and actions; we should not permit our emotions to affect the way we do things in our life. Emotions are temporary; it should not lead to permanent decisions in life. 

Have you ever felt like you are stuck somewhere? perhaps forever? Yes I felt it too! and it is the worst feeling ever. You feel you are at edge and at any moment you might stop breathing and it hurts you so much. I know it hurts a lot, it gives you unendurable pain. You feel like you are burning alive – agonized and completely paralyzed. You think it is the end and all you want to do is to quit everything forever. Never forget, when it hurts; life is trying to teach you something. The pain you feel today will eventually transform into your strength if you remain resilient to all sorts of tribulations in your life. No one’s life is bed of roses, there will be trials and tribulations and overcoming those hardships is what makes life meaningful. When you encounter adversities, challenge them and you will grow stronger. When you confront problems with bravery and creative mind, there is no question about finding solutions to them. This is how you toughen yourself; every problem you face in your life is an opportunity for you to grow and become stronger than you were before. We are not entitled to feel comfortable all the time in our life. It does not matter how many times life knocks you down as long as you do not relinquish because every time you survive through an ordeal, you find yourself more invigorated. Thus, you will grow into a stronger person. Imagine a life without challenges and obstacles, it would be a mundane one. It would be totally  inspirited life if challenges are not omnipresent. Moreover, every time you find yourself in some predicament, if you are vigorously determined to gain mastery over it, it is a great opportunity for you to equip yourself with better problem solving skills. This is how you grow into a better and stronger person.

Growing up into an adult does not always guarantee your mental growth. However, as you began to confront problems with sheer audacity, it allows you to develop a well fortified mentality. Furthermore, it also results in a heightened  creativity and innovation. When you address yourself to a problem, you are forced to get out of your comfort zone by default and that’s where your self-development happens. This will lead to self-actualisation; you will begin to unravel your true potentials helping you to transform your dreams into reality. Be fearless at any given situation; no obstacle is mightier than you. Every difficulty is an opportunity to grow, change and transform.

Remember, in the end you are the sum of all the experiences that you live in your life.

Until I Became myself- Prose 666

Until yesteryear, I was in a wasteland; was I nobody back then? Whatever might be the reason I was never the person i was meant to be. I was no one and nothing much mattered to me. I was constantly haunted by something that i was never familiar with. I knew i was stuck there and i could do nothing about it.  Everyday i woke up with my hollowed out heart; i merely could stand on my foot. I was sick of being in such prolonged despair. Everyday my walls were closing in and i was devoid of a slightest idea what i was doing with my life. I could not find peace in anything. I lacked a clarity of what i was supposed to think and do and yet i knew i could not be like that anymore. I decided to put my life back together for which i needed to pause and revive myself. I believed this hollowness in my life as a sign or calling for something better because the very world that appears to be at the brink of destruction is really a world of opportunity. I accepted that i was at fault. I failed to understand myself at first and then the world. My innocent life was weighed down by confusions and frustrations. I had been battling with myself each day to survive. May be i tried to save myself a hundred thousand times but every attempt was in vain.  My whole world came crushing down as hope began to fade. Regardless of all the trials and tribulations i refused to give in. I could not succumb to the predicament. I refused to relinquish because i was the last man standing and i knew no one could rescue me except myself. I needed to be my own saviour. I realized life is way too short to spend another day at war with myself. So i decided to start off this way; I needed to unpack my baggage and start over my life. I decided to diametrically change my life from then onwards. And one thing i knew for whatever i did, i was to put blame on myself; no soul cause my suffering but myself. I had been the prisoner of my own thoughts and actions and by that time i was well aware that i needed to freed myself. I built the cage and locked up myself  and i needed to break myself out of it before i choked to death. I asked thousands of questions to myself and to other people as well; i was surprised by the responses i got from the experts around the world. One thing I lacked was; self-discipline. Another thing, i was inconsistent and too complacent about my life. I needed an immediate action; i started the expedition by eradicating some of my bad habits. I had to give up some of the toxic habits and people to save myself. So I was determined to change the way i lived my life. I gave up these things immediately:

Cigarettes; I had been a smoker for past seven years and yet quitting wasnt as tough as I thought initially. Now I am a proud smoke free man.

Alcohol; I had been a drinker for past seven years and even quitting it wasnt as tough as some other told me.

Weed; I had been a stoner for past five years and I was an addict. Nevertheless, my determination to stop this toxic thing was stronger than the addiction.

After being in a wasteland for a such long time I was too ardent towards making a change in my life.  Besides giving up aforementioned toxic habits I also made several important changes in my day-to-day life to become a better person. In fact, quitting these bad habits was just the first step towards my journey of becoming more of myself; the person i was meant to be. I have taken other major steps and i will have it posted in the following days. The journey has just begun.  After being broken and mercilessly ridiculed I found another myself; I was born to be a writer. I finally transformed into truer version of myself. By becoming and unbecoming myself i discovered the purpose of my life; inspire and change things and people for better.