It Starts with You.

Take this moment to truly reflect, to quietly listen to your heart; to see the dreams that lies within yourself. Spend away this moment to explore yourself in truth; set out yourself on a voyage to allow yourself to discover all the things that are beyond anyone’s capacity to do so.  If not for you, it aint for anyone. Do yourself a favor; because the entire universe is in devoid of the power to do this for you.  You know it’s there somewhere in between your veins or arteries buried deep down waiting for you to unravel. But you should not confuse them for any of the mysteries that might belong to this universe. It is a soul part of yourself; only you can unlock those dreams and passions for yourself. In the end, these are some things that matters to you and to your life. You can begin this quest by asking yourself ; what you really want from life? Does your mere existence brings you the ultimate joy or satisfaction? Absolutely not! This explains why I urge you to take this time to reflect upon yourself and your ethics. You are a  part of this universe and therefore you have a special role to perform and remember anything  you want out of your life,  it lies within yourself. Everything you want to do in your life; it starts with you. Provided you considered doing this, then reconsider committing yourself to become a person you were truly meant to be. By this time your question might have been answered. Okay! What is  your answer? What does your inner self say about you? Your dreams? Your passion? and your purpose? (your answer should be a rational) and it should enable you to connect yourself to your conscience.  Most importantly, your answer should further your alienation from the rest of the world for some time allowing yourself to immerse into the vast sea of your dreams. So, you figured it out. Cool! You got it. Fortune just kissed you.  It took me a year and half to be in the wasteland to find another myself. Being a little more practical than I used to be (:


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