Its intense time of our life when we are in early twenties because this is the stage where we try so hard to figure out what we want the rest of our life-like to be. This is also the time we come in terms with an inevitable fact of life; we learn to accept everything we are and we aren’t. As we learn to take ownership of our life; it becomes crucial to maintain a balance between the activities that makes us happy now and the ones that will make us happy in five years from now. Often times we find ourselves confused about the choices and decisions we make that might have huge impact in the later part of our life. We also learn to say “NO” even if it means annoying a few people  because our time becomes the most valuable asset wherein we spend this time in building our career, rediscovering our passions and nurturing it further. Making ourselves a topmost priority shouldnt bewilder us. It’s a real struggle every one of us go through, “what do I want to do with life?” I guess no one gets an immediate clarity and sense of purpose towards life. So its okay! We will eventually gain clarity about our own purpose of life if we are essentially curious, open to explore unknown and ready to embrace the surprises that come along the way.


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